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Some Manners Of Zakat

To give the Zakat with the intention of cleaning the heart of everything apart from the love of Allah. To give with the intention of riding the heart of stinginess. To give with the intention of showing gratitude to the blessings from Allah.

Zakat Is The Bridge Of Islam

After the foundations of religion are laid with Iman and its pillars raised with Salah, Zakat stands as a bridge to complete this structure. This is because, the magnificent building of Islam constructed for our protection here...

Miscellenous Matters Pertaining Zakat

Zakat is related to wealth, and not to individuals. When it becomes due (Fardh) to pay Zakat of some wealth and the wealth is lost, the obligation of Zakat falls off. However, if the owner of the...

Clean your wealth

The United American Muslim Association delivers your Zakat funds to the student’s of the Quran on your behalf.

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