The UAMA Parent's Islamic Values Seminars - 4

06 Feb
Event Time 8:30 PM-9:45 PM (EST)
Online Parent Seminars

Our speaker is on the live broadcast we will perform as part of "The UAMA Parent's Islamic Values Seminars". They will talk about "Three Months And The Importance Of Nafilah Ibadah". We think it will be informative and motivating for every muslim. DO NOT MISS THE LIVE BROADCAST on 6 Feb 2021 at 08:30 PM EST, let your loved ones know.

Besides Fardh Salah (compulsory prayers), Muslims should also make an effort to perform the nafilah Salah such as Dhuha, Awwabin, Tahajjud and Tasbih. Because, these nafilah Salah have numerous thawab (rewards) for the believers. In a Hadith Al-Qudsi, Allah (S.W.T.) said: “My servant saves himself from my chastisement by performing Fardh deeds and through nawafil he attains closeness to me.” Dhuha, Awwabin and Tahajjud Salah are prayed in six rakahs on average, whilst they can be performed in less or more than that.

Awwabin Salah is performed in six rakahs after Maghrib Salah by giving Salam every two rakahs. There are a hundred hasanah (divine blessings) in it. Allah (S.W.T.) gives seventy-five of it in the hereafter and twenty-five in this world. Those who continue to perform Awwabin Salah will, hopefully, have no worries and troubles on the gathering day in the hereafter.

The 2020-2021 schedule of "The UAMA Parent's Islamic Values Seminars" series is given on our website. From time to time, reminders will be made via social media, e-mail lists, and phone messages, and those who want to participate will be informed. If you want us to contact you for any event we organize, you can fill the registration form.