The UAMA Online Muqabalah Program (Daily Ramadan Quran Recitation) JUZ:7

08 Apr
Event Time 4:45 AM-5:15 AM (EDT)
Muqabalah 2022 Ramadan

The "UAMA Online Muqabalah program", which will continue during Ramadan, will be broadcast live every day at 04:45 (AM) Eastern time. Again on this page, below, you will be able to access all previous Muqabalah programs we have published.


The month of Ramadan-i Sharif;

  •  with fastings, 
  •  taraweeh prayers,
  •  iftar and sahur 
  •  with the recitations of the Quran and muqabala 
  •  with given sadaqa and zakah…

It is an opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of Islam. It is a good opportunity to get rid of worldly deed and turn to Allah Almighty.  It is the month of patience and goodness for believers, more than ever.

In this blessed month, in which Allah Almighty rewards every good deed a 100, we must pay attention to our worship, give zakat and make a contribution.

May Allah able all of us and the entire Ummah of Muhammad pbuh to reach the blessings of the month of Ramadan.

- - - - -

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