The Excellence Of Ramadan Al-Sharif

The month of Ramadan is superior to all other months. Any Nafilah (optional) ibadah (deeds) fulfilled in this month is equal to the Fardh (compulsory) deeds fulfilled in other months. Whoever accomplishes one obligatory (Fardh) deed in Ramadan, will be rewarded as if he accomplishes seventy Fardh deeds in other months. Furthermore, whoever feeds a fasting person in this month will have his sins forgiven and cause him to be saved from Jahannam (hell) and will the same reward of the fasting person without any reduction in his reward. Besides, if employers lessen the work burden of their employees they will be pardoned and saved from Jahannam by Allah (S.W.T.).

When Ramadan Al-Sharif began Rasulullah (S.A.W.) used to free the captives and give everything that people asked. When Muslims commit virtuous and righteous deeds in this month they will be able to fulfill numerous virtuous and righteous deed the whole year.

A person who just lets the month of Ramadan Sharif go idly without any form of worship, will also let spend the whole year like that. The faithful should discipline themselves spirituality so that they are intent and eager to achieve many good deeds in this blessed month of Ramadan Sharif.

Every night, Allah (S.W.T.) frees thousands of sinners who deserved to be punished from Jahannam. In this month, the gates of Jannah are opened and the gates of Jahannam are closed, shayatin are tied up with chains, and the gates of rahmah are opened.

Hastening to break the fast and to eat until the time of (dawn) imsaq are among the Sunnahs of Rasulullah (S.A.W.). He was very careful about them. In fact, hastening to break the fast and to delay the sahur (sehri) is a kind of concession of the weakness and helplessness of the servant and these characteristics are appropriate for the rank of servitude. Breaking fast with dates is also Sunnah. At the time of iftar (time to breakfast), Rasulullah (S.A.W.) used to read the following dua: “Dhahabaz-zama’u wabtallatil-uruqu wa sabatal-ajru inshaallahu (S.W.T.).”

Reading the Tarawih Salah and making Khatm of Qur’an (reciting the whole Qur’an Karim) are among the Sunnah Al-Muakkadah (hardly ever missed Rasulullah [S.A.W] ). This will enable the person who practices them earn great benefits and rewards. May Allah (S.W.T.) enable us to fulfill these deeds for the sake of His beloved (S.A.W.). Amin.

(Maktubat-i Imam Rabbani 1/45)

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