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Save Your Future

United American Muslim Association has been providing an exceptional education for children from 42 different nationalities to have a strong moral character in its 39 facilities across 18 states of the United States for over 41 years.

Our Prophet SAV states in his hadeeth-I Sharef: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an-I Kareem and teach it”

Due to the fact that a proper education and akhlaq is a must in order to invigorate a generation, United American Muslim Association bears this responsibility upon itself to educate every child with correct education and importance to akhlaq.

During this Ramadhan-I Shareef, be the reason with your Zakat to support the invigoration of the new generation

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Do you know your Zakat’s voyage when you donate your zakat to the United American Muslim Association?

The Zakat you provide becomes the book in front of the students, the carpet they are sitting on, the Takke on their heads.

The Zakat you provide, travel to such areas you will be surprised where they have become a banner of Islam.

The Zakat you provide, become the relief to those people that lack the most basic necessities.

‘’And who is better in speech than someone who calls to Allah, and acts with integrity, and says ‘I am of the Muslimiyn’ (the ones who submit) ‘’



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