Purify with Ramadan

Ramadan Shareef is an opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of Islam. It is a good opportunity to get rid of worldly deed and turn to Allah Almighty.  It is the month of patience and goodness for believers, more than ever.

In this blessed month, in which Allah Almighty rewards every good deed a 100, we must pay attention to our worship, give zakat and make a contribution.

May Allah able all of us and the entire Ummah of Muhammad pbuh to reach the blessings of the month of Ramadan.


"The UAMA Online Muqabalah program", which will continue during Ramadan, will be broadcast live every day at 04:45 (AM) Eastern time.

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Follow "The UAMA Online Ramadan Reminders 2022". It's started on 2nd April and will be every day during Ramadan Sharif at 8:30 pm.

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Prayer Timetable 2022

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Zakat Calculator

Zakah is to give one-fortieth (2.5%) of one’s wealth annually to one of the eight classes of people specified in Qur’ân Al-Karîm.

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Discover Our Ramadan Campaigns

The UAMA organizes Ramadan campaigns this year, as it does every Ramadan. With your donations, you will be supporting us to provide education and aid to Muslims of all ages, especially in the Americas.

Daily Ramadan Sadaqah

The best of sadaqah is given during the month of Ramadan. In this Ramadan, you can donate your daily alms to Qur'an students collectively. 


Clean Your Wealth With Zakat

The UAMA delivers your Zakat and Sadaqah funds to the student’s of the Quran on your behalf


Multiply Happiness With Food Packages

Millions of people experience this feeling of hunger everyday which we experience only maybe in the month of Ramadan.


Share Your Iftar With Quran Students

We break our fast with our students at hundreds of goodness tables set up in different locations. Let's share this blessing together at Iftar tables.


The Benefections Night 

The UAMA has been providing an exceptional education for children from 42 different nationalities to have a strong moral character in its 39 facilities across 18 states of the United States for over 41 years.


Sadaqah Al-Fitr

Our students can continue their life as a model Muslim in society by choosing the profession they deem appropriate for themselves. Helping the student of the Qur'an to get education is also Sadaqah Jariyah. 


Our Branches

We wish be a light to humanity with our education nests that provide good personality and moral education for a better world.

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