Purify with Ramadan

Ramadan Shareef is an opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of Islam. It is a good opportunity to get rid of worldly deed and turn to Allah Almighty.  It is the month of patience and goodness for believers, more than ever.

In this blessed month, in which Allah Almighty rewards every good deed a 100, we must pay attention to our worship, give zakat and make a contribution.

May Allah able all of us and the entire Ummah of Muhammad pbuh to reach the blessings of the month of Ramadan.

Discover Our Ramadan Campaigns

The UAMA organizes Ramadan campaigns this year, as it does every Ramadan. With your donations, you will be supporting us to provide education and aid to Muslims of all ages, especially in the Americas.

Qurbani Is Rahmah Barakah and Worship

Qurbani; It is the slaughter of animals available for sacrifice with the intention of worshiping for the sake of AllahThe term “Qurbani” is derived from the Arabic word "to get closer" and is frequently performed as a worship that brings servants closer to Allah

The UAMA allows your Qurbanies to be sacrificed in clean environments according to Islamic procedures (following Ahli Sunnah guidelines), deliver them to your home according to your preference or offer them to Quran students at our branches. 

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F.A.Q. About Qurbani

Answers to common questions related to Qurbani.

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