Education Sponsorship

Every single child is extremely valuable to us. Our method is based on the individual & not the system.

Educating The World One Child At A Time

Charachter Education: Our priority is to , in the best way possible, indoctrinate & teach the religious values to our students who are in a growing age.

Lectures: Our teacher and educational coordinators, Reports are shared with the parents on a monthly basis.

Social Awareness:  No matter wherever in the world, students in need, from various countries of the globe, will be identified and relief projects will be carried out in efforts to help their needs, even to a small degree.

Assesment and Evalution: Statistical analysis are carried out to measure the success of the academic year and the collected data are presented with comparative graphical representations. Written and multiple choice exams are analyzed in detail, the results are shared with the teachers and educational coordinators.

Educational & Cultural Trips: Yearly trips are taken to culturally enriching, scientific, educational & historic areas as a means of teaching students their Islamic heritage & expanding their knowledge of the liberal arts.

Proudly Providing Hodja

A hodja (Ho-Jah) is an individual with an Islamic degree, that is eligible and qualified to serve the Ummah all across the globe, intercontinentally.

  • Holds multiple degrees in Islamic and
  • Fluent in Multiple languages.
  • Talented in other areas besides education. Kitchen, cleaning, driving etc.
  • Young and relatable individuals that are capable of being role models to our community and it’s youth.
  • Represents Ahli-Sunnah with eloquence.
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Goal $490,000

Our Branches

We wish be a light to humanity with our education nests that provide good personality and moral education for a better world.

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