Duties Of Parents

The parents should rejoice at the birth of their children. For Rasulullah (s.a.w.) has said: “A child is happiness for the world and a light (Noor) in the Akhirah.”

If the baby is a girl, the parents should rejoice more and show respect to her. For a girl is the more virtuous of children. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said: “For the first child to be a girl is the Barakah of the mother. I asked Allah for a child without a burden and toil, and Allah gifted me with girls.”

A child should be given a nice name.

On the seventh day or at a later day, as Aqeqah a Qurbani should be sacrificed, 2 if it is a boy and 1 if it is a girl.

A boy should be circumcised between their seventh day and tenth age.

When their child reaches the age of 6, the parents should teach them the Qur’an, the Fardh and manners of Islam.

Importance should be given to the education of their children. They should be taught archery, swimming and one craft. In the Hadith is it said: “Craftsmanship is protection from poverty.” If the child shows lenience towards religious education, this would be a guide for them. Girls should especially be taught how to cook and sew, as they might need it.

Parents should act equally to all children in dressing, feeding and gifting them presents.

Fruits should be given to girls first, as their hearts are more soft and weak.

Parents should be very merciful towards their children. They should kiss them and hug them. Parents should play with them and speak to them with a smiley face.

Parents should not curse children or damn them, but instead should always make Dua for them. As cursing leads to poverty. Sometimes it might be accepted and bring harm to them.

Girls and boys who reach the age of ten must be kept in separate bedrooms.

When the children reach the age of marriage, they should be helped and only married off with their consent.

One should feed their children with what they eat and dress them with what they will dress with.

A person should not think ill about another person’s child, so that this destructive thinking does not harm their own child.

Educating The World One Child At A Time

Every single child is extremely valuable to us. Our method is based on the individual & not the system.

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