About Daily Life Guide

The supreme goals of Daily Life Guide are to make publications for the Muslims to teach them the decent faith of Ahl as-Sunnah, the practice and devotion, and try to help them read good books to be able to keep them away from those threatening their eternal lives.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said “For sure the (religious) knowledge is your faith, be careful about from whom you take it.” (Sahih al-Muslim). Then it is certain that books as the nurture of souls are surely to be selected.

The calendars and books issued by Daily Life Guide are scrutinously prepared by a select group in accordance with a set of religious necessities and rules.

One of the significant publications of Daily Life Guide, the calendar is presented every year anew with the most important works being analysed and the most crucial pieces of information chosen out. And to make those information available and beneficial in any time needed the calendar is issued on our internet page and through mobile devices.


Why Should I Sponsor?

For the world to become a better place, it is important for the increase of righteous acts amongst the Mu’mins. For righteous acts, sincere intentions and valid information is needed. It is considered a Sadaqa-I Jariyah to aid in the spread of valid legitimate information.

Sadaqa-I Jariyah is defined as; “ An act that is beneficial to the greater good of the people, an act that will continue to be rewarded even after the death of the doer.” You can aid in the spread of this treasure to your friends and family yourself or through us. This way, Insha Allah you may continue to be rewarded with every Dua, prayer, and any other act of good done through the learning from this Daily Life Guide.

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How Should You Read The Daily Life Guide


  • We must learn how to read the Daily Life Guide correctly so we can benefit from the daily information.
  • We must add the Daily Life Guide to our daily schedule. By spending 3-5 minutes everyday, we will have learned important Islamic information.
  • You can read it out loud with your family so that you may all learn together.
  • We strongly recommend that you teach your children how to read it. After the reading is concluded, we should discuss what we learned with our children so that they can absorb important Religous Information in a short time. Keep in mind that with this Daily Life Guide, you will have a trustworthy resource in your house.
  • You should condone your children to memorize the Ayah’s and Hadithi Shareefs and reward them to encourage them further.
  • You should read the Daily Life Guide everyday and continue through to the next day. By reading the next day, you will be aware of any religious or historical events and if there are any certain religious duties we have to be aware of. In doing so, you will start to arrange yourself more accordingly.
  • You should also remember to recite the Besmelah before you start reading the Daily Life Guide; Our Prophet SAV had stated; Whomever begins a legitimate and allowable actions with “Bismillah”, Allahu SWT will forgive their sins. (Kenzu’l Ummal)
  • You can help yourself learn and remember by reading the days Ayah or Hadithi Shareef 3 times.


You May Follow This Example On How To Read

  1. Start with Besmelah and Vudzuh
  2. You can make it a habit of reading ahead and start from the next day; if tomorrow is January 1st, 2022, you can start with that day.
  3. Read the Ayah and Hadithi Shareef on the top of the page 3 times.
  4. Then read the information on the back of the page.
  5. Before closing the daily life guide, read the Ayah and Hadithi Shareef one more time.

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