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Al-Bukhari Islamic Center

Reached: $1,601,000.00
Goal: $1,250,000.00
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Support our Isabet Academy Renovation Project

We are continuing to renovate the building that we have restored with the help of Allahu SWT from a church into a Mosque and an education center. The buildings mechanics are insufficient and needs to be renovated due to the building being old. Due to this fact, we are expecting our Muslim brothers to support this project.

“If you do not give in the path of Allah from things that you love, you will not attain good. Whatever you do give, Allah will know it.” (Al-i İmran, 92th ayah)

Whomever builds a masjid with the request of Allah’s Ridha, Allah will build him a house in Jannah. (Hadeethe Shareef, Bukhari, Salat 65)

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Wouldn’t you like to contribute in a Saqah-I Jariyah which will keep your Amal book open even after death for you, your family, parents, loved ones and even your friends?

 After the project is completed with your support and generous donations;

  • Pennsylvania will have the biggest Mosque open to full service
  • It will become of the USA’s largest dormitory schools
  • Boarding Middle School and High School students will have improved education opportunities
  • Weekend education will start
  • Ceremonies such as Neekah, Walimah and other gatherings will be able to be performed

Our goal is to complete the Mechanical and Electrical renovations (HVAC, Sound System, Ligthing and etc.) and the renovation of the first floor of the school by Ramadhan-I Shareef.

We have all necessary permits and permissions to continue the project. With the completion of the first floor, Insha Allah we will be able to increase our current-full capacity from 90 to 130 students. We will have the needed classrooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms and other rooms that are necessary. After the completion of the other two floors, we will have a capacity to education 300 boarding students. To complete our Project, we need a total of $1,800,000.00. Each floors expense is $600,000.00.

Do you know your Zakat’s voyage when you donate your zakat to the United American Muslim Association?

The Zakat you provide becomes the book in front of the students, the carpet they are sitting on, the Takke on their heads.

The Zakat you provide, travel to such areas you will be surprised where they have become a banner of Islam.

The Zakat you provide, become the relief to those people that lack the most basic necessities.

‘’And who is better in speech than someone who calls to Allah, and acts with integrity, and says ‘I am of the Muslimiyn’ (the ones who submit) ‘’



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